09.Parks and Recreation Department

415 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Tradyshia Kae Abraham Recreation Aide II $29,120
Rahma Milad Abuzaho Recreation Aide II $35,360
Caitlin Christine Acree Recreation Aide II $31,200
Jason James Ahlberg Pool Manager $52,832
Rasha Ghassan Al Ezraei Recreation Aide II $27,040
Huda Jamal Mohammad Al Timimi Professional/Technical Worker $52,000
Sydney Anne Allen Para-Professional/Technical Worker $31,200
Alexiah A Anderson Recreation Aide II $29,120
Shari Dawn Anderson Professional/Technical Worker $52,000
Raegan Sa-Nai Anderson-Taylor Recreation Aide II $28,080
Amelia Judith Andrews Recreation Aide II $24,960
Katlyn Marie Arens Recreation Aide II $29,120
Nathan Deon Athouris Recreation Aide II $29,120
Nadine S Ball Para-Professional/Technical Worker $33,280
Marisol Barron Perez Recreation Aide II $28,496
Mareie Solana Nevaeh Barry Recreation Aide II $29,120
Alyssa Marie Batista Recreation Aide II $27,040
Jonathan Ray Baugous Laborer II $49,435
Samantha Lane Beal Intermediate Level Worker $29,640
Madison Michelle Beal Intermediate Level Worker $29,640
Neil Duanne Bell Laborer I $45,720
Jr, Derrick Richard Bell Para-Professional/Technical Worker $31,200
Kyle Ryan Benash Laborer I $47,501
Scott P Bender Pool Manager $48,464
Adam Jon Benischek Laborer II $47,584
Laynee Leanne Benne Recreation Aide II $27,040
Nathen Wyatt Bitzer Recreation Aide II $29,120
Janee Nicole Blecha-Coleman Recreation Aide II $33,280
Maya Faye Boden Intermediate Level Worker $27,768
Jaidyn Capri Bogard Recreation Aide II $29,120
Matthew Charles Bolander Para-Professional/Technical Worker $33,280
Teryn Avery Bower Recreation Aide II $33,904
Steve Daniel Bower Seasonal Parks Laborer $31,200
Walter C Bradford Recreation Aide II $27,040
Paul J Brauning Equipment Operator I $58,550
Tina Louise Brendle Account Clerk II $54,311
Mitchel Ervin Breuer Seasonal Parks Laborer $35,360
Sara A Brock Recreation Aide II $29,640
Joseph Daniel Brockhaus Seasonal Parks Laborer $30,160
John Wayne Brooks Maintenance Repair Worker II $58,344
Cassandra Marie Brown Recreation Aide II $28,496
Terry G Brown Maintenance Repair Worker II $68,542
Troy G Brown Laborer II $54,384
Leah Rosalia Bryan Recreation Aide II $29,640
Neal M Bryan Naturalist $55,226
Samantha Grace Burchell Grant Coordinator I $53,163
Mckenna Mae Buscher Recreation Aide II $28,080
Cole Michael Butler Para-Professional/Technical Worker $31,200
Molly Renee Butzirus Pool Manager $45,344
Julianna Najiva Canedo Intermediate Level Worker $29,120

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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