07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Antoine J Abbott StarTran Field Supervisor $64,045
Michele M Abendroth Executive Secretary $75,650
Rosaura Acevedo Bus Service Worker $55,045
Benjamin R Aden Bus Journey Mechanic $68,045
Susan R Agena StarTran Handi-Van Supervisor $82,724
Hafiz Kadhim Hassan Al-Jabery Bus Operator $50,854
Jason K Albright Bus Operator $59,829
Clifford J Albright Maintenance Operator I $60,929
Scott Edward Alder Utility Equipment Operator III $56,811
Craig E Aldridge Senior Engineer $116,717
Adnan Jalil Aljabiry Bus Operator $59,829
Monty E Allen Maintenance Operator I $60,929
Shane D Alley Concrete Finisher I $65,383
Jesse L Almery Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Christopher G Anderson Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $58,540
Philip J Anderson Bus Operator $59,829
Antonina Jennifer Anderson-Trumble Administrative Aide II $67,124
Dylan Shea Armstrong Water Service Technician I $56,116
David Patrick Arnold Facility Maintenance Supervisor $81,600
Dale D Arp Systems Specialist II $77,307
Miranda Corra Ayala Administrative Aide II $67,124
Radouane Ayyadi Bus Operator $50,854
Tina M Baker Facilities Operations Coordinator $82,744
Mark A Barton Environmental Specialist II $66,947
Michael P Bassinger Transportation Laborer $48,618
Sarah Elizabeth Bate Environmental Laboratory Specialist II $57,757
Larry W Bates Water Service Technician II $65,023
Keith R Baue Water Plant Operator $73,753
Garret A Baum Transportation Equipment Operator II $53,269
William Floyd Beard Stores Clerk $58,319
Alexandra Leigh Beck Account Clerk III $46,808
Ryan Michael Becker Environmental Compliance Technician $60,056
Zachary J Becker Senior Engineer $116,717
Melissa Lea Behrends Bus Operator $59,829
Guiles Bellver Gonzalez Bus Cleaner $39,815
Randall L Benes Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Marlin J Bergmann Bus Operator $59,829
David J Beyersdorf Superintendent of Water Distribution $129,411
Louis J Bialas Water Service Technician II $62,895
Richard Anthony Bishop Senior Engineer $94,954
Joshua H Blake Senior Engineering Technician $82,886
Johnny Dale Blankenship Bus Operator $59,829
Dilcia A Bolanos Umana Bus Operator $59,829
Donald L Boldan Maintenance Operator I $60,929
Troy W Bolender Senior Water Service Technician $69,649
Todd Alan Boling Superintendent of Water Resource Recovery Facilities $129,411
Douglas D Bonnett Bus Operator $59,829
Roger L Borchers Utility Supervisor $76,800
Shane D Bottorff Transportation Equipment Operator II $65,023
Imad Boudkhili Bus Operator $47,863

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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