07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Rene’ M Danley Account Clerk III $48,416
John R Davis Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Marcellina Deann Davis Bus Operator $44,872
Gage Scott Davison Water Service Technician I $53,325
Thomas R Day Utility Equipment Operator I $52,855
James M Dean Utility Supervisor $76,800
Andrew Charles Delgado Utility Plant Mechanic I $62,288
Elton William Devor Utility Equipment Operator III $64,222
Willa Marie Dicostanzo Recycling Coordinator $88,471
Christopher J Dieckhaus Process Control Technician $67,486
Mark A Doehling Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Jarred Ryan Donahoe-Weihe Utility Equipment Operator I $57,360
Paul J Donahue Utility Plant Mechanic II $71,421
Todd F Dondlinger Transportation Equipment Operator II $51,528
Shane R Dostal Right-of-Way Superintendent $95,763
Shelly L Dostal Administrative Aide II $71,562
Todd M Dovenbarger Bus Operator $59,829
Justin Paul Drahota Traffic Networking Specialist $88,471
Troy Curtis Drahota Bus Operator $44,872
Kirk J Drake Engineering Technician $77,307
Aaron Paul Dressel Facilities Maintenance Coordinator $105,273
William J Dryden Traffic Technician $69,855
Darrin James Duffy Utility Supervisor $76,800
Justin B Dunn Labor Supervisor $73,218
Casey T Dunn Transportation Equipment Operator II $65,023
Garry Lee Durham Utility Equipment Operator III $64,222
Alisa Marie Eagle Bus Operator $59,829
Evan Dean Eberspacher Bus Journey Mechanic $68,045
Connor Phillip Edstrom Utility Equipment Operator I $51,432
Angel Lea Edwards Administrative Aide I $63,831
Timothy William Edwards Control System Support Specialist $80,126
Zackery John Edwards Assistant Water Plant Operator $60,636
Tom Lee Edwards Transportation Equipment Operator I $56,832
Timothy L Eliker Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
Elizabeth Dawn Elliott Director of Transportation and Utilities $181,280
Dusty James Elsen Water Service Technician II $65,023
Denise Rochelle Ems Bus Operator $59,829
Clayton W Engelman Transportation Maintenance Coordinator $94,954
Cedric James Esquivel Utility Equipment Operator I $55,819
Nicholas S Evans Control/Instrumentation Technician $68,299
Brian L Fairchild Utility Plant Mechanic I $57,678
Loren Dean Fancher Utility Equipment Operator I $54,311
Kevin Michael Fearing Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
Kyle Dean Feiler Transportation Inspector $57,061
Micheal Quinton Felty Bus Operator $50,854
Jeffrey A Felty Senior Traffic Technician $85,161
Tyler Dean Ferguson Garage Supervisor $72,792
Andry J Figueroa Palma Bus Operator $47,863
Kent Leroy Fillman Bus Operator $50,854
Alexander P Finkbeiner Bus Operator $59,829

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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