07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Jonathan E Brakeman Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Brett Lawrence Bratrsovsky Transportation Equipment Operator I $49,508
Jennifer Jean Brinkerhoff Utility Equipment Operator I $60,582
Terry M Brinkman Bus Operator $59,829
Daran D Brown Senior Utility Engineering Specialist $91,191
Joel A Brunke Labor Supervisor $73,218
Scott A Buck Bus Service Worker $55,045
John G Bulling Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Clint L Bundy Utility Equipment Operator II $65,940
Christopher L Burling Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Avelina T Burrell Bus Operator $59,829
Shane S Bush Labor Supervisor $73,218
Timothy L Byrne Engineering Services Manager $129,411
Sarah Hope Cabell Bus Operator $44,872
Darby Lee Cain Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Daniel James Carpenter Engineering Services Manager $129,411
Joel Ryan Carstens Bus Operator $59,829
Anthony Paul Castillo Transportation Equipment Operator I $49,508
Nicolas J Castillo Engineering Technician $77,307
Anthony Paul Castillo Transportation Equipment Operator I $46,207
Dave B Caulkins Facilities Operations Coordinator $101,712
Jimmy L Chapman Utility Locate Technician $65,023
Zachary Michael Chapo Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
Abdul Ahmad Chinar Bus Operator $47,863
Holly Marie Choquette Permit Assistant $51,459
Macy Jean Cisneros Office Specialist $44,250
Anthony Clark Utility Equipment Operator II $64,166
Jeffery Roy Clark Water Plant Operator $66,154
Colin D Clark Safety and Training Specialist $88,321
Ryan Edward Clough Utility Plant Mechanic I $60,709
Alex Boyd Coatney Assistant Water Plant Operator $53,795
Nathan A Cole GIS Analyst $95,763
Holly Joanne Cole Account Clerk III $53,593
Marshall R Coleman Process Control Technician $77,307
Michael H Coleman Concrete Finisher II $68,037
Joseph Sterling Coleman Solid Waste Operations Supervisor $71,793
David M Conroy Bus Operator $59,829
Benjamin E Cosier Operations Analyst $85,161
Carla Marie Cosier Assistant Director of Transit $123,371
David Michael Cox Labor Supervisor $71,259
Steven D Crawford Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $61,811
Tyler J Cruthers Facilities Operations Coordinator $79,949
John B Cuba Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Sandy Rhnae Cullighan Bus Operator $59,829
John K Daake Engineering Technician $75,232
Charles B Dalby Transportation Equipment Operator II $65,023
Garrett Ray Dalby Utility Equipment Operator III $56,811
Thomas J Danahy Meter Reader $59,736
James E Danek Utility Locate Technician $65,023
Beneisha Raquel Annette Daniels Bus Operator $44,872

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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