07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Salvador De Jesus Hernandez Bus Operator $44,872
Charles Herrera Bus Operator $59,829
Gabriel Allen Hershberger Utility Supervisor $67,051
Kevin J Hettenbaugh Bus Operator $59,829
Danny J Hietbrink Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Erika Rose Hill Public Information Officer $105,273
Jesse E Hoage Utility Equipment Operator II $64,166
Marie C Hoesing Bus Operator $59,829
Reginald Hogan Bus Operator $50,854
Jeffrey R Hohn Engineering Technician $73,218
James L Holz Process Control Technician $77,307
Janae Marie Hood Administrative Aide I $57,982
Sydney Paige Horken Office Specialist $44,250
Tracey Lynn Horne Account Clerk III $46,808
Jessica Lynn Houchen Environmental Laboratory Specialist II $57,757
Kaileigh E Hughes Environmental Laboratory Specialist II $60,975
Robert Lewis Hull Bus Operator $59,829
Kristen Ann Humphrey Assistant City Engineer $150,738
Timothy M Hunt Senior Traffic Technician $85,161
Rosemary Huynh Account Clerk III $48,416
Shannon M Ideus Senior Environmental Health Specialist $91,191
Larissa Irvin Environmental Laboratory Specialist II $59,347
Danny H Itzen Bus Operator $53,847
Jeffrey Ray Izaguirre Transportation Equipment Operator I $53,048
Curtis Alan Jacobson Transportation Equipment Operator II $53,269
Allison Kobza Jambor Office Specialist $47,251
Andrew M Jenkins Senior Engineer $116,717
Clyde Jenkins StarTran Field Supervisor $75,152
Linda A Jenkins Bus Operator $59,829
Christian Paul Johnson Bus Operator $50,854
Thomas L Johnson Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Jared Michael Johnson Utility Supervisor $63,498
Christina Sue Jones Office Specialist $52,137
Amy Laura Jones Administrative Aide I $59,867
Bryan Edward Jones Bus Operator $44,872
Jakob David Eugene Jones Transportation Equipment Operator I $49,508
Rex L Jordan Utility Electrical Technician $80,390
Dane C Jorgensen Transportation Equipment Operator I $51,243
John V Juricek Senior Traffic Technician $70,416
Charles F Kaiser Bus Operator $59,829
Brandon Aaron Kaiser Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $52,518
Billy Joe Kaster Utility Supervisor $68,900
Victoria Lynn Keating Engineering Technician $65,682
John D Keith Manager of Laboratory Services $95,763
Evann Douglas Keller Utility Equipment Operator I $54,311
Trevor Lee Keller Assistant Water Plant Operator $58,265
Kathleen B Kelly Assistant Transportation/Utilities Business Manager $77,842
James M Kendrick Energy Recovery Coordinator $65,682
Toni R Kent Bus Operator $59,829
Joshua Paul Kernes Bus Operator $47,863

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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