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Name Title Department Total Pay
Eric Fulton Engineer V – CNS System Engineering $173,189
Steven Bantz Planning Superintendent Maint Planning $173,059
Samuel Taylor Aviation Manager/Chief Pilot Aviation-Labor $172,928
Wyatt Leehy Director of Cyber Security Infra Cyber Ops $172,831
Jesse Neddenriep Materials, Purchasing & Contracts Manage MP & C $172,465
Beth Hannaford Engineer V – CNS Dir Engineering $172,451
James Fogarty Performance Improvement Manager Perf Improvement $172,381
William Green Code Programs Engineering Supervisor Eng Prg & Comp $172,263
John Larson Nuclear Independent Oversight Compliance Dir-Oversight $171,885
Nathan Werner Engineering Program & Components Manager Eng Prg & Comp $171,801
Bryan Seidl Engineer V – CNS Design Eng $171,415
Anthony Filips Engineering Manager – GGS GGS Engineering $171,103
Stephen Wadas Engineering Supervisor – System Protecti CSD-Engineering Mgr $170,407
Lee Rasmussen Electrical Maintenance Superintendent Electrical Shop $170,252
Jedediah Fischer Senior Project Manager – Generation Stra Generation Strategy $170,024
John Evert Operations Manager – GGS GGS Operations $169,455
Nicole Brumbaugh Manager of Retail Technology, Billing & Mgr Retail $169,446
Shane Sutton Non-Licensed Nuclear Plant Operator I Operations $169,338
Tyler Kime Engineering Supervisor – Lines & Subs CSD-Engineering Mgr $169,279
Anthony Johnson Maintenance & Technical Training Superin Training $169,236
Steven Gocek Engineer V – CNS Design Eng $168,988
Timothy Arlt Vice President Corporate Strategy & Inno VP Corp Strat & Inno $168,976
John Shadle Water Resources Supervisor Water Res Mgr $167,810
Benjamin Munoz License Class Candidate Operations $167,587
Philip Leininger Engineer V – CNS Eng Prg & Comp $166,750
Ross Grabenbauer Non-Licensed Nuclear Plant Operator I Operations $166,377
Carol Balerud Procurement Manager Procurement Mgmt $166,350
Don Veseth Senior Capital Planning Program Manager Corp LR Cap Pln & AM $166,254
Shane Charbonnet Senior NDE Coordinator Eng Prg & Comp $165,836
Jeremy Bebb Radiation Protection Technical Superviso Rad Protection $165,725
Chad Podolak Stakeholder & Advocacy Manager Stakehld & Advoc Mgr $165,708
Douglas Klug District Distribution Manager Dist Superintendent $165,392
Shane Moore Mechanical Maintenance Manager – GGS GGS Mechanical Maint $165,164
Trever Eickhoff Mechanical Maintenance Superintendent Mechanical Maint $164,960
Shannon Bolan Training Specialist – System Control Transm Sys Cntl Supr $164,748
Brian Shaw License Class Candidate Operations $164,722
John Martin Engineering Specialist VI – CNS Design Eng $164,474
Kurt Kreifels Senior Performance Improvement Analyst Perf Improvement $164,305
Kyle Kuker Engineer V – CNS Design Eng $163,645
Clyde Edgington NRC Exam Specialist Training $163,505
Justin Kramer License Class Candidate Operations $163,486
Robert Blessin District Transmission Manager Lines Supervisor $163,376
Mitchell Perlinger Shift Supervisor – GGS GGS Operations $163,222
Gordon Heins Engineering Supervisor – Controls, Autom CSD-Engineering Mgr $162,917
Mark Brugger Senior Capital Planning Program Manager Corp LR Cap Pln & AM $162,892
Donnie Thorson Corporate Physical Security Manager Corp Phys Security $162,750
Christopher Vinson Maintenance Support Supervisor Maint Support $162,643
Josh Marion Non-Licensed Nuclear Plant Operator I Operations $162,627
Ronald Bender Cyber Security Compliance Specialist II Reliability Complian $162,552
Matthew Dickerson Design Electrical Engineering Supervisor Design Eng $162,445

Organization notes

Nebraska Public Power District provided numbers for base salary, overtime, other pay, bonus pay and gross pay. NPPD excluded certain security personnel from these records under statute §84-712.05(10).

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Stakehld & Advoc Mgr

CLSD24Asst to CEO

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Dir Org Effective


PS & O

VP – Energy Delivery