02.County Attorney

90 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Patrick F Condon County Attorney $177,274
Christopher M Turner Chief Deputy County Attorney $164,385
Daniel J Zieg Chief Deputy County Attorney $163,979
James P Rocke Attorney II $138,267
Jeff S Mathers Attorney II $138,267
Eric Shawn Miller Attorney II $138,267
Christopher Matthew Reid Chief Deputy County Attorney $133,404
Christopher D Seifert Attorney II $120,217
Jeremy P Lavene Attorney II $120,217
Maureen E Lamski Attorney II $119,037
Charles Leslie Byrd Jr. Attorney II $110,008
Ashley Jo Stark Attorney II $110,008
Morgan C Smith Attorney II $107,852
Jessica Ann Murphy Attorney II $102,157
Amy Jean Goodro Attorney II $99,180
Tara Anne Little Elk-Parpart Attorney II $99,180
Ryan Nicholas Decker Attorney II $96,454
Erica Lynn Pruess Attorney II $95,422
Jason Michael Cooper Attorney II $93,228
Mary Catherine Norrie Attorney I $91,686
Nicole M Ringler Operations Manager $91,162
Julie Ann Marie Mruz Attorney I $90,702
Candace Leigh Berens Attorney I $89,601
Greg M Ariza Attorney I $87,667
John Michael Ward Attorney I $85,777
Danielle Marie Kerr Attorney I $82,908
Katherine J Doering Attorney I $82,224
James Michael Morris Attorney I $81,237
Alisha Danielle Caldwell Attorney I $80,687
Amber Lynn Schlote Attorney I $79,807
Tyson David Moodie Attorney I $78,942
Bruce J Prenda Chief Deputy County Attorney $78,644
Renae Elizabeth Perez-Musekamp Attorney I $77,568
Natalie Taylor Lips Attorney I $77,250
Ryan Chase Brown Attorney I $77,250
John Thomas Schmidt Ii Attorney I $76,827
Matthew O Mellor Attorney II $75,391
Jessica Michelle Seymore Office Systems Specialist $74,405
Nancy E England Paralegal II $73,515
Karla S Ostrander Paralegal II $73,156
Vonda K Aldred Paralegal II $73,156
Beverly S Enyeart Paralegal II $72,902
Coni L Mccune Paralegal II $72,620
Larae L Rolenc Paralegal II $72,515
Haley Noel Messerschmidt Attorney I $69,345
Janet K Becker Legal Secretary III $66,127
Kimberly J Gernert Paralegal I $65,465
Rachel Anne Schmidt Paralegal I $65,461
Amy Sue Brandl Paralegal I $65,461
Debra Lynne Svasek Paralegal I $65,227

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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