06.Clerk of the District Court

46 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Troy L Hawk Clerk of the District Court $113,004
Charles Robert Salem Chief Deputy Clerk, District Court $107,354
Simon G Rezac Administrative Services Officer $78,467
Nicole Marie Miller Administrative Services Officer $72,861
Crystal Ann Floyd Court Services Supervisor $61,507
Karen J Kamphaus Court Services Supervisor $61,149
Staci Ann Junker Court Services Supervisor $60,762
Jessica Christine Cain Court Services Clerk $59,793
Scott Michael Brunsing Court Services Clerk $56,763
Jaime Lynne Cartwright Court Services Clerk $52,232
Julijana Ilic Court Services Clerk $52,129
Tammy D Gabel Account Clerk II $52,079
Daniel W Frederick Court Services Clerk $52,035
Anne L Moraczewski Court Services Clerk $52,027
Karrie Ann Vincentini Court Services Supervisor $47,728
Stephanie Marie Kinney Court Services Coordinator $46,900
Jillian Kathleen Sunday Court Services Supervisor $46,082
Dedra Lynn Little Court Services Coordinator $43,969
Benjamin Vertis Nathan Court Services Clerk $41,482
Christine M Downing Court Services Supervisor $37,971
Karen Sue Evasco Account Clerk II $36,815
Katie Lynn Baber Court Services Clerk $29,552
Raquel Diaz Court Services Clerk $28,962
Mary Kathleen Quinn Mental Health Board Member $27,663
Sean Joseph Brennan Mental Health Board Member $25,988
Ariella Janel Reeves Mental Health Board Member $25,050
Sydney Paige Horken Court Services Clerk $20,847
Rolan Qasssim Hadi Court Services Clerk $19,741
Alea A Modlin Account Clerk II $18,601
Nancy Ann Whipperman Account Clerk II $16,893
Rachael Jean Boyd Court Services Clerk $16,017
Alexis Anne Mcqueen Court Services Clerk $14,323
Nicole R Carter Court Services Clerk $7,791
Stacia Jo Blair Court Services Clerk $6,549
Lindsey Marie Tienken Court Services Clerk $6,412
Victoria Marie Schuetz Court Services Supervisor $6,300
Darik L Vonloh Mental Health Board Member $6,250
Diana Lynn Christensen Court Services Supervisor $5,994
Kelli Shea Dalrymple Court Services Clerk $5,610
Annette M Emerson Court Services Supervisor $5,363
Daniel Lee Ullman Mental Health Board Member $2,825
Jennifer Bruning Brown Mental Health Board Member $1,675
Joseph Carl Buda Mental Health Board Member $1,600
Matthew K Kosmicki Mental Health Board Member $1,438
Tracia Katherine List Mental Health Board Member $250
Ryan Mick Swaroff Mental Health Board Member $188

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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