38.District Court

15 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Jennifer Borgerding Kulwicki Child Support Referee $127,497
Amanda Phillips Brown District Court Administrator $86,537
Mark Andrew Grimes District Court Staff Attorney $82,694
Christine L Rhynalds Bailiff II $73,213
Sheri A Lampe Bailiff II $73,213
Kristin L Draper Bailiff II $73,213
Elizabeth Dion Hussey Bailiff II $73,213
Kristin Dyan Ceballos Bailiff II $73,213
Lynne M Albin Bailiff II $73,213
Diane Annette Hughes Bailiff II $73,213
Cheryl K Waples Bailiff II $73,213
Amber Rae Martin Bailiff II $59,982
Yutian Lei District Court Staff Attorney $34,129
Sylvia A Ezenwa District Court Staff Attorney $27,447
Kim R Folsom Bailiff II $12,955

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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