19.Public Defender

56 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Paul E Cooney Chief Deputy Public Defender $168,411
Shawn D Elliott Chief Deputy Public Defender $163,979
Jennifer M Houlden Chief Deputy Public Defender $159,548
Webb E Bancroft Attorney II $138,267
Timothy M Eppler Attorney II $130,688
John C Jorgensen Attorney II $123,034
Todd C Molvar Attorney II $112,491
Chelsie Elaine Krell Attorney II $104,362
Matthew Francis Meyerle Attorney II $104,362
Amanda Renee Baskin Attorney II $101,815
Sarah Josephine Safarik Attorney II $99,234
Brittani E Lewit Attorney II $99,234
Kristi J Egger Public Defender $96,756
James George Sieben Ii Attorney I $94,215
David J Tarrell Attorney I $88,010
Joseph D Nigro Public Defender $80,518
Joe Renteria Jr. Investigator $80,313
William R Harris Jr. Attorney I $79,580
Elizabeth E Gasaway Attorney I $79,367
Angela M Franssen Excluded Administrative Services Officer $77,069
Rebecca Anne Meinders Social Worker $76,543
Jamel Jewell Walker Connor Attorney I $76,509
Jed W Rojewski Paralegal II $73,156
Kristi L Gottberg Paralegal II $72,902
Angelia L Onuoha Paralegal II $72,902
Kelsey Lynn Helget Attorney I $72,377
Deanna Marie Hobbs Attorney I $68,256
Sabrina Stanford Dutch Social Worker $66,572
Teresa Jean Nutzman Attorney II $61,937
Jennifer Lynn Duncan Paralegal I $61,439
Connie Jo Rowe Paralegal I $59,058
Mariah Jane Trout-Holmes Legal Secretary II $54,673
Nathan Josiah Sohriakoff Attorney I $54,108
Danielle Layne Savington Attorney I $47,612
Guadalupe Malcom Client Services Associate $46,937
Mason Thomas Brown Attorney I $42,905
Ariana Lorissa Lianna Lopez Attorney I $42,905
Annie Katrina Brabec Paralegal I $41,385
Amy Elizabeth Escobar Client Services Associate $30,483
Lori Ann Bejvancesky Client Services Associate $30,298
Michael Broderick Investigator $29,061
Mark Daniel Carraher Attorney I $28,422
Lacey Jade Krupicka Client Services Associate $27,885
George Clinton Dungan Iii Attorney II $25,896
Robert G Hays Chief Deputy Public Defender $23,387
Nathan J Kaiser Investigator $22,905
Jordyn Marie Piper Law Clerk $20,105
Miranda Arden Cannon Hussey Law Clerk $16,839
Jennifer Suzanne Craven Law Clerk $14,827
Katherine L Hoatson Law Clerk $13,947

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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