Lancaster County

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Name Title Department Total Pay
Cheryl K Waples Bailiff II 38.District Court $73,213
Karla S Ostrander Paralegal II 02.County Attorney $73,156
Vonda K Aldred Paralegal II 02.County Attorney $73,156
Jed W Rojewski Paralegal II 19.Public Defender $73,156
Ryley Daniel Lavene Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $72,917
Kristi L Gottberg Paralegal II 19.Public Defender $72,902
Angelia L Onuoha Paralegal II 19.Public Defender $72,902
Beverly S Enyeart Paralegal II 02.County Attorney $72,902
Nicole Marie Miller Administrative Services Officer 06.Clerk of the District Court $72,861
Grant C Heser Engineering Technician II 40.County Engineer $72,819
Kendra Kay Knauss Administrative Services Officer 59.Corrections $72,704
Chandler Dean Hartzell Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $72,703
Sara Beth Dacosta Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $72,691
Michael Jack Plahn Engineering Technician – Bridge Inspector 40.County Engineer $72,662
Ian L Spicha Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $72,623
Coni L Mccune Paralegal II 02.County Attorney $72,620
Larae L Rolenc Paralegal II 02.County Attorney $72,515
Ryan David Dvorak Pre Adjudication Specialist 16.Human Services $72,515
Kristin Marie Sacca Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $72,467
Joshua Mackenzie Grass Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $72,413
Kelsey Lynn Helget Attorney I 19.Public Defender $72,377
Angela E Brejcha Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $72,377
Matthew C Lollmann Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $72,211
Aaron Campbell Yardley Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,932
Joshua Chamberlain Kingswood Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $71,871
Aktham Badreldin Ali Technology Support Technician 14.County Sheriff $71,842
Kimberly S Kaspar Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $71,811
Tyler James Crow Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,709
Jennifer Lynn Jennings Mental Health Clinician II 27.Mental Health Crisis Center $71,648
Veronica Evelyn Johnson Engineering Technician I 40.County Engineer $71,622
Todd A Styskal Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,574
Joslynn Nicole Mcswine Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,419
Troy L Monzon Maintenance Repair Worker II 30.County/City Property Management $71,351
Julia Angela Labbe Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,252
Christopher James Mausbach Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,196
Timothy Lee Clawson Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $71,181
Lori R Kelch Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $71,176
Joseph M Grothe Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $71,098
Kimberly Dawn Haman Computer & GIS Records Assistant I 01.County Assessor/Register of Deeds $70,966
Robert D Larsen Assistant Maintenance Supervisor 40.County Engineer $70,962
Hunter Ryan Logemann Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $70,929
Richard Allen Shepard Ii Correctional Specialist I 59.Corrections $70,826
Glenn R Troudt Technology Support Technician 04.Community Corrections $70,786
Larry R Pickrel Crisis Center Team Supervisor 27.Mental Health Crisis Center $70,700
Kelly R Ems Wood Juvenile Detention Officer 58.Youth Services Center $70,665
Laura L Suhr Screening Specialist 16.Human Services $70,577
Leah Marie Nichols Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $70,536
James R Jurgens Engineering Technician II 40.County Engineer $70,522
Chad Courtney Chapman Juvenile Detention Supervisor 58.Youth Services Center $70,513
Luis Manuel Nunez Correctional Officer 59.Corrections $70,500

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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