05.Lincoln Fire & Rescue

352 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Tanner Wray Spencer Firefighter Trainee $57,485
David V Steward Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Timothy L Stohlmann Fire Captain $103,557
Brady Hughes Studnicka Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Brian James Sydik Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
William B Thavenet Battalion Chief $138,455
Jesse J Theiler Fire Captain $103,557
Nicholas J Thill Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Neil R Thompson Fire Captain $92,360
Aaron J Tierney Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Jeremy J Tkaczuk Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Jeffery S Topil Fire Captain $103,557
Robert M Treasure Battalion Chief $127,065
Ronald L Trouba Fire Captain $103,557
Mikael J Tupe Fire Captain $103,557
Sten E Ulrich Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Karsin Kaylyn Underwood Office Specialist $50,450
Jason E Urkoski Fire Captain $99,809
Frank J Vasquez Fire Captain $103,557
Matthew M Vetter Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Joshua Robert Via Firefighter Trainee $57,485
Christopher A Vigil Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Michael A Vorderstrasse Fire Captain $92,360
Carrie D Wagner Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Benjamin R Walkinshaw Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Chad H Walter Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Brian C Walters Fire Captain $103,557
Kaden Robert Ware Firefighter Trainee $57,485
Robert A Watton Battalion Chief $135,559
Trey Lawrence Wayne Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Alexander John Webb Firefighter Paramedic $72,954
Daniel J Wenz Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Scott C Wiebe Fire Captain $103,557
Jacob B Wilderman Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Samantha Renee Wilkins Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Travis Jeffrey Wilson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Dakota Michael Wilson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Damon M Wirth Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Dustin J Witherspoon Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Aishah Sheigh Witte Administrative Officer $91,191
Annette C Woehrer Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Stacy Renee Woita Account Clerk III $59,315
Matthew Richard Woitalewicz Fire Captain $92,356
Brian C Wojtasek Firefighter $81,632
Ronald G Wolf Fire Air Technician $53,716
Jordan Michael Wright Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Jonathan J Wright Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Michael L Wright Fire Captain $103,557
Savannah Maria Wright Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Brandon Gerald Yenney Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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