05.Lincoln Fire & Rescue

352 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Julie M Mcgahan Office Operations Specialist $66,947
Shellie Kay Mcintosh Office Specialist $55,675
Andrew J Mclaughlin Fire Captain $103,557
Drew M Mcmahon Firefighter Paramedic $91,411
Deborah L Meade Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Kress Heriberto Medina Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
William I Medina Fire Captain $103,557
Brent R Mehling Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Jeffrey D Meinke Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Sherrie A Meints EMS Business Manager $95,763
Daren D Merryman Fire Captain $103,557
Mark A Meyer Stores Clerk $53,489
Jeremy J Mitchell Fire Captain $103,557
Nicholas G Monnier Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Bryson E Monroe Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Garth E Montgomery Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Thomas William Moody Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
Martin D Moon Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Daniel Mcdonald Moore Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Amanda Bryan Morgan Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Eric Joseph Morgan Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Ryan A Moser Fire Captain $103,557
Lloyd E Mueller Battalion Chief $135,559
Ryan P Murphy Fire Captain $103,557
Grant Joseph Nixon Firefighter Trainee $57,485
Alexandra Louise Nobbe Firefighter Paramedic $85,281
Samuel Kent Nobbe Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Scott W Nydahl Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Payge Louise O’Callaghan Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Jessica Janae O’Neill Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
David Lee Oborny Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Daniel Thomas Ogan Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Jay B Oligmueller Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Brennen Thomas Oliverius Firefighter (2912 Hours) $78,554
Glenn Stian Olsen Firefighter Paramedic $72,954
Brady J Papik Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Nicholas Michael Paulsen Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
David Alan Pawelko Firefighter Paramedic $88,344
Baylee Mckay Peet Office Specialist $45,725
Jordan K Petersen Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Jeremy J Phillips Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Jordan J Picou Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Joseph R Pieper Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $76,009
Scott R Pierson Fire Captain $103,557
Dylan Harper Pitt Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Robert C Poe Fire Equipment Mechanic $80,968
Jamie K Pospisil Battalion Chief $124,193
Aaron M Pospisil Battalion Chief $131,835
Natalie Mae Potrzeba Firefighter Paramedic $79,078
Christopher Erich Pugh Fire Captain $96,096

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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