Lancaster County

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26 departments

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Name Title Department Total Pay
Kenneth L Prey Jail Administrator 59.Corrections $112,520
Todd C Molvar Attorney II 19.Public Defender $112,491
Douglas R Guess Geographic Information Systems Manager 01.County Assessor/Register of Deeds $110,849
Kory James Lehr Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $110,831
Casey J Dahlke Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant 14.County Sheriff $110,755
Ashley Jo Stark Attorney II 02.County Attorney $110,008
Charles Leslie Byrd Jr. Attorney II 02.County Attorney $110,008
Philip D Lang Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant 14.County Sheriff $109,759
Brent H Moore Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant 14.County Sheriff $109,447
Michael D Hansen Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant 14.County Sheriff $109,247
Rachel Marie Garver County Treasurer 17.County Treasurer $108,432
Rick C Gray Jail Administrator 59.Corrections $108,380
Morgan C Smith Attorney II 02.County Attorney $107,852
Amy Lee Shandera Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant 14.County Sheriff $107,460
Charles Robert Salem Chief Deputy Clerk, District Court 06.Clerk of the District Court $107,354
Kristy Rae Bauer Deputy Chief Administrative Officer 20.Administrative Services $107,130
Robert B Needham Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $106,144
Jason E Henkel Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $105,354
Scott Edward Etherton Mental Health Crisis Center Director 27.Mental Health Crisis Center $105,059
Rhonda Jean Wicht Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $104,499
Matthew Francis Meyerle Attorney II 19.Public Defender $104,362
Chelsie Elaine Krell Attorney II 19.Public Defender $104,362
Jordan T Wipf Civil Engineer IV 40.County Engineer $104,283
John B Brady Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $103,394
Linda S Eckley Risk Management Director 10.Risk Management $102,256
Jessica Ann Murphy Attorney II 02.County Attorney $102,157
Jane M Voboril Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $102,008
Donald L Brandt Ii Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $101,826
Amanda Renee Baskin Attorney II 19.Public Defender $101,815
Richard W Butters Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $101,778
Aaron M Cooper Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $101,686
Brent A Wrinkle Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $101,518
Barry Lee Barnett Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $100,776
Joseph A Anderson Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $100,690
Virginia L Prey Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $100,591
David Caulfield Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $100,591
Tyler Scott Loos Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $100,466
William P Mcglothlin Corrections – Lieutenant 59.Corrections $100,460
Landon Gregory Parks Assistant Director of Community Corrections 04.Community Corrections $100,264
Stephen Michael Johnson Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $99,924
Travis Scott Schroer Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $99,460
Sarah Josephine Safarik Attorney II 19.Public Defender $99,234
Brittani E Lewit Attorney II 19.Public Defender $99,234
Joseph Jay Pospisil Corrections – Sergeant 59.Corrections $99,205
Amy Jean Goodro Attorney II 02.County Attorney $99,180
Tara Anne Little Elk-Parpart Attorney II 02.County Attorney $99,180
Jon B Osterhaus Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $99,041
Kristen Lyn Anderson Chief Deputy County Treasurer 17.County Treasurer $99,034
Eric T Schilmoeller Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $98,919
Jeremy J Schwarz Deputy Sheriff 14.County Sheriff $98,594

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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